Investment management services

Cunningham Coates, as a part of the Smith & Williamson group, provides investment services for private individuals, pensions, charities and institutions, with over £16bn (€22.1bn) of funds under management and advice (as at 31 March 2015). We operate from offices in London, Dublin, Belfast, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow and Guildford and have over 100 qualified investment professionals.

Our investment philosophy

We see our role as helping savers and investors to meet income and capital growth goals by acquiring a stake in the world economy through properly diversified portfolios. The case for buying shares is a long term one. Unlike cash or bonds they do not have a fixed nominal value and their volatility makes them unsuitable for covering short term liabilities. They can however generate a rising income and as such may be more appropriate assets for long term savings and investments, where the main risk is from inflation.

We do not confine ourselves to any particular investment methodology, but we do focus on core principles of diversification, liquidity and transparency when selecting investments for our clients.